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Skills Development - Youth

This 8 session program is designed to work best with a group of four, where participants will work together weekly, to complete a series of specific tasks with measurable outcomes.  Learners will experience and practice skills including, but not limited to; building trust, relationships, conflict management, teamwork, communication styles and respectful leadership.   

Custom Sessions

Would you like to come to have a private session?  Bring your work colleagues?  Your classroom for a field trip?  Please contact me directly with your ideas and we can chat further about how we can help based on your goals and timeline.

Empower & Grow

This is an 8 session program designed to explore & build self-esteem and will empower participants to confidently own their future and their goals.  Believing is powerful and dreams come true when you believe in yourself and your talents.  This program is intimate in its nature and participants are encouraged to share only as much as they feel safe & comfortable with, but more importantly, for them to foster and discover their personal truth. 


Trail of the Home

This program is a family lead discovery course.  Presented in 10 sessions, families of any design will come together and explore their relationships with one another, communication styles, problem solving and plans to move together, honouring each other through reflection and mutual respect.

Seasonal Retreats

Check back often for offerings of wellness retreats for anyone looking to refresh, reset or refine your "You".  Combinations of Empowerment journaling, guided meditation, mindfulness and yogassage, may be offered together to assist you on your journey.


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