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I'm Tara Tanton, Owner and facilitator of Harnessing Harmony.  I am a mother of two children and my husband and I live in Cole Harbour - exactly where the city meets the country.  

I am proud to have been trained as a Personal Development Coach and a Professional Development Coach by EAL Canada and an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator from Equine Connection.  

I am only a facilitator.  Your teachers are Shadow & Jasper, an 11 year old Quarter horse cross and a 15 year old Percheron cross.  

At Harnessing Harmony, our purpose is to present you with an opportunity to learn, grow and be; as you are - your true authentic self.



Shadow came into our lives by chance.  She had been surrendered to a rescue and had been placed in many homes, however by her 5th year, she had not been comfortable in any of the offerings.  She was said to be moody, challenging, and a bit "spicy".  Her future was looking very uncertain, as no one seemed to be able to make her happy.  I came to learn about Shadow as I had met her once already and decided to provide her with a home with no demands, no expectations; and no experience!  Shadow had had several names before she came to us and responded to none of them.  In the beginning, I spent many hours sitting in the grass inside her paddock and we learned to trust one another.  One day, early on, I stood up and I could see her watching me.  I walked away from her and decided to walk around the perimeter of the fence.  I became lost in my own world, looking at wildflowers and trying to spy the song birds that I could hear.  Without warning, I felt the warm breath of my friend "Shadow" on my shoulder.  Since that day, she follows curiously and with great trust and has become my sidekick and Shadow. 



Jasper has been a true gift.  Literally and figuratively.  Jasper was given a beautiful home from the time he was young.  He was spoiled rotten by his "mom" and he was trained in the arena to ride there as well as on trails.  He has always been smart, predictable and eager to please.  Unfortunately, with a broken heart, Jasper's mom needed to find him a new home, through no fault of his own.  Her biggest fear was that Jasper would become a lesson horse and not be able to have bonding experiences.  Changes can be hard on horses.  In nature, they belong to a herd and don't stray.  Knowing that Jasper could come with us and have "forever" people and as a bonus, have a meaningful job was a gift to her, to us and, to Mr. J.  

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